Santos hints to send Cristiano Ronaldo into warm-up

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Portugal manager Fernando Santos has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo will start in a friendly against Qatar. To help maintain the rhythm of the game for him. Portugal has a warm-up queue with the Qatar national team on Saturday night. 

Before they play the World Cup Qualifying against Luxembourg next Tuesday Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had previously held the 36-year-old as a substitute against Everton.

But Santos looked different, pointing out what The most important thing for Ronaldo is getting the players to keep the rhythm of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo will now have to make a decision on his future with the Portuguese forward linked with a transfer away from Juventus this summer. Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid have all been mentioned as potential destinations for the 36-year-old, but how realistic are these options?

“He will be playing in this match. because he needs time on the field It is important to him at this point,” Santos said.

“The last full game he was involved in was in the Champions League

. It would be a long 15 days that he didn’t play in earnest.

“At this point I would say that there is a very high probability that Ronaldo will play against Qatar. Whether it’s a real fit or play in the second half to keep the rhythm of the competition as full as possible for the Luxembourg game.”