Repay the traitor! “Sacchi” is not surprised Milan fans booed “Nong Don”

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Arrigo Sacchi, former legendary coach That is no surprise that fans of AC Milan booed Gianluigi Donna crowd, which was seen as betraying the agency

pickpocket aged 22, was a product of the Academy of “Black Devil” and became a favorite. Of the fans after his debut with the team, only 16 years old,

However, the Italian national team refused a contract with Milan and moved to Paris Saint-Germain. Free of charge in the past summer Which creates a lot of dissatisfaction with football fans.

That led to him being booed in the Azzurri’s game against the Spanish national team. Which played at the San Siro stadium, with the game ending in a 2-1 defeat

by the home team, Sacchi thought it was not uncommon for Milan fans to boo Donnarumma, who made the Seen as a betrayal of the club. “I have never jeered anyone in my life, but at times people do go looking for these insults,” said Sacchi during the Festival dello Sport event in Trento. “Evidently, there was a betrayal. In football and in everyday life, betrayal has to be repaid in kind. So let’s not be shocked by a few jeers.”

acchi also praised current Milan coach Stefano Pioli for giving ‘an identity’ to the squad, noting that playing good football with largely a very young team is ‘almost a miracle.’

The Rossoneri are still unbeaten in Serie A after seven rounds, with 19 points from an available 21.

“I have never booed anyone in my life. But sometimes people use attacks like this.”

“It is clearly a betrayal, in football and everyday life. The traitor was already rewarded with something like this. So don’t be surprised by this little booing.”