Rami believes Messi is much easier to deal with. not as active as the old

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Adil Rami, former French defender At present, playing with Troyes believes that Lionel Messi is now very easy to deal with. Because not as active as before and began to turn into a more opener than Rami has been in the football world for a long time. 

Having faced Messi 12 times during his time at Valencia,

Sevilla and his side have never beaten the Argentine superstar once.

Rami is on his way. Had a chance to face Messi again in Ligue 1 which he is convinced to meet this time argentinian Not as scary as the old days:

“He was too strong, back then he was always behind my back.

“He’d be offside and then he would move back to touch the halfway line and then go again.

“Now he’s more of a passer, so it’s easier for defenders as we can wait. I don’t think he’s able to do his slalom moves so much.”

“Actually, I’ve never won, but I always have (laughs), I’ve had four or five shirts,” Rami told the Ligue 1 website.

“He was too strong, difficult to deal with, he was always behind me back then. He will be in the offside position and then move on the line. and then flew out again.”

“At the moment, he is more of a passer. So it’s an easier task for the defenders. Because we can wait.”

“I don’t think he will play slalom. Hovering back and forth as much as before.”according to a report ufabet