Raiola scolded Milan fans for booing ‘Nong Don’

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Super agent Mino Raiola has slammed AC Milan for not refusing fans after Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. get booed hard

The semi-final game at San Siro, Italy, lost 2-1 at home, with the “Fierce Bulls” team taking two goals from Ferran Torres before the end of the game for the hosts to retaliate from L. Arenzo Pellegrini made Italy lose a 37-match unbeaten record, including missing a chance to reach the final.

Donnarumma came on as a goalkeeper for the home team as usual. But his first return to the San Siro was immediately booed by Milan fans the first time he got the ball on the pitch.

Raiola said: “I was disgusted by the boos at Donnarumma. I asked myself why Milan can not intervene after a banner that appeared “

” You want to talk about the threat that? Was he going to kill someone? I don’t think so.”

“The truth is that Milan is not strong enough to keep him. But it doesn’t make any difference.”

“Ask, ask anyone. ask any father How would he recommend his salespeople? move to PSG Or stay in Milan?”

“What happened on the pitch was tragic. Bizarre and embarrassing.”

“It’s very strange that Milan fans are targeting Donnarumma. because he made his own independent decisions.”

“It is strange and disappointing that Milan distances itself from this unacceptable behavior.”

“Italy looks so bad in the eyes of the world. I admire Sergio Busquets’ demeanor, he understands the situation and knows what Gijo is thinking.