“Mohamed Salah” if receiving the highest wages in the team.

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Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler Convinced that no “Reds” players would disagree if Mohamed Salah received huge wages from the club.

Mohamed Salah ‘s current contract with Liverpool expires in 2023, with rumors suggesting that now The club is opening a new negotiating table with the players. That could earn him as much as £500,000 a week if negotiations go well.

Mohamed Salah will become the highest-paid player in club history, overtaking Virgil van Dijk last week. £220,000 each.

“But in this Liverpool must realize that Mo is now one of the best players in the world. whether they like it or not, and everything that follows.

“Since I’ve been in the dressing rooms of many teams. I really don’t think there will be a problem if Mo becomes the highest paid person at Anfield.

“There’s no such thing as ‘Oh, he doesn’t deserve because he’s a rough player’, no way. We’re talking about one of the most outstanding players in the world.

“I would be very surprised. If there is a player in the dressing room, Liverpool say he doesn’t deserve a contract that will match his global status.

“We have to forget about ‘Oh, I want this money. ‘Cause he only takes it.’ The players get what they deserve. and the results are guaranteed. His form now guarantees a wonderful contract.”