Carrick in charge of the team found a gun after ‘Rangnick’ has not worked

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Manchester United have confirmed that Michael Carrick will remain in charge for Thursday’s clash with Arsenal. With new boss Ralph Rangnick failing to work out permit.

On Monday, Rangnick was appointed as interim manager until the end of the season. 

But he still can’t start directing the team on the field immediately. Because he has to wait for work permits first.

And since the work permit will not come in time to meet Arsenal the day after tomorrow. Manchester United will let Carrick. The coach who acted in the eyes of the army after sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to do the same job. Go first

“On Monday, it was announced that Ralph Rangnick was taking over as interim coach. 

But while the club is applying for a work visa. Carrick will remain in charge,” a club statement said. of the club”

The former midfielder. Who has been in charge of the Red Devils, has made two appearances as he led the club to a 2-0 win over Villarreal last week and advance to the Champions League knockout stages. 

Following Sunday ‘s 1-1 draw with Chelsea, United are still hopeful Rangnick’s work permit will arrive in time for their game against Crystal Palace on Sunday.

The Telegraph reports that Rangnick must wait for a hearing from an independent FA board. Because over the past 5 years, he hasn’t worked in the coaching field enough to automatically get work permits.

The regulation states that work permits will be automatically issued. If the coach has managed 36 months in the top league, or 24 months in a row over the last five years, Rangnick has

now only managed 11 months in a row. This was when he was temporarily in charge of Leipzig in the 2018-19 season.

The committee will also consider Rangnick’s other roles during this period. This includes working for Leipzig and most recently with Lolomotiv Moscow, but the fact that Manchester United have officially announced him is an indication that he will have a work permit without. problem