Big aliens say they can’t join the band “Haaland”

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Barcelona’s vice-president Rafa Juste admits they have to settle matters within the club first. And may not join the band to grab Erling Haaland spearheaded the onion of Borussia Dortmund.

“alien” is in serious financial trouble. due to the mismanagement of the previous board of directors Including the impact of the epidemic affecting the club’s income.

That causes them to try to cut expenses in many ways. By letting him wage high Leone Messi and Otto Antoine Greece Eichmann out of the team, but that was not enough for them,

Barcelona is one of the club went to that to win the Omaha Beach. It is believed that several teams will join the race for the signature when the release clause comes into effect next summer,

but Juste admits they have to deal with internal issues first. which may make it impossible to grab a 21-year-old shooting star

“I would rather manage with the principle of prudence. We are in a serious financial crisis. So we have to be frugal,” he told  ufabet.

“Right now I don’t think the Haaland deal will happen. From now until next year we will see how the situation is. Including what we can do in terms of signing players to join the team. First we have to lay the foundation in the house, after it collapses, let’s get it. We need to strengthen this before, “

” Let’s settle the matter in the House before. Then let’s see what we can do. Not forgetting the fact that we want to be the best team and Haaland is one of the best players in the world.”