“Benzema” says 2021 is the best work with Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema says 2021 will be his best year at the club.

On Monday, Benzema received an award for outstanding performance on the field. In the 6th award ceremony of the Madrid Media Association.

“Apart from the statistics, scoring more goals, I don’t see what has changed in my game,” he said. “I’m still the same player. We no longer bother to look at what a guy does on the pitch, just who has scored. And the next day we consider him the best.

“It’s happened to me. I don’t play a good game but I score and they consider me the best. I don’t really like this type of football, but it’s going to be more and more like that.

This is the result he achieved in 2021, where he scored 47 goals, 13 assists in 63 games for club and country

. “I am happy and proud to receive this award. It was my best year because I scored a lot of goals and assists. and help the team win. ufabet report.

” “Real goals Madrid is the champion and is a champion in every program We are doing well now. We have a chance to win every item. And we will work hard to fight in all competitions this season.”

This season alone, Benzema, 34, has scored 24 goals and provided nine assists in all competitions.