“Giant Danes” raises “Sir Alex Ferguson” as the greatest in football.

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Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes former boss Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager in football.

The ex-Scottish manager held the title of manager at the Red Devils for 27 years before retiring in 2013.

When it comes to Sir Alex Ferguson there should be no argument.

To pick up sleeping giant Manchester United – in the mother of all slumbers – and take them to where he did is nothing short of remarkable.

Look at Old Trafford, look at the Carrington Training Ground that’s down to one man.

The Munich air disaster still resonates now as we saw this year on the 60th anniversary.

The clips of the Holy Trinity undoubtedly got people off their seats when the first flickering scenes of United went round the world.

United won 13 top-flight titles duringSir Alex Ferguson time as manager. At Old Trafford, which saw them surpass their arch-rivals Liverpool in an era of single

managers, Schmeichel believes football has not seen a bigger manager than Ferguson. anymore, ready to praise the former boss for handling the team very well

“I don’t think football has a bigger manager than him,” he told Soccer AM.

“He communicates wonderfully. and make it clear what you need to do But he also has the ability to deal with hard-to-handle guys like me

. It was important for him to have that kind of personality on the team. I think that’s what they look for in scouting for players, people who stand out like that.”according to a report ufabet.